Offshore Medical Management. Redefined.

We help companies manage medical services on location

Who we are

Team of medical professionals with 100+ years of experience

What we do

Management of location-based medical services

Where we work

On remote sites, in offshore waters, and at major events

How we work

No matter whether you have your own medical staff, source through a manpower supplier or completely outsource to Azura Medica, we ensure that project & staff will follow international medical & industry standards

We credential medical staff’s qualifications & experience

Medical qualifications

Doctor, nurse or paramedic with valid medical registration in home country

Certifications (minimum)


Experience (minimum)

1 year in trauma unit, 3 years offshore

Nationality & experience

Locally hired medics with good English language skills

We make medical services work proactively for you

Primary duties


Hygiene checks

Occupational health

We put in place standard operating procedures


Clinic SOPs

Supply chain

Staff manual

We integrate with existing medical assistance providers

Azura Medica
Topside Management

Azura Medica provides day-to-day medical oversight and support to onsite staff and implements SOPs & MERP

azura medica

24/7 Alarm Centre &
Medevac Support

Azura Medica integrates with client’s medical insurance and/or assistance provider for 24/7 medevac support

Azura Medica coordinates seamless integration between existing – or preferred – assistance provider

We follow international medical standards & SOPs

the royal college of surgeons of edinburgh
azura medical

Contact us

Azura Medica Pte Ltd
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